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From corporate videos to docs and even a very short horror film – Tim loves movies!


From straight jackets, to street shows, sideshows to corporate. Tim has performed far and wide.

Voodoo Trumptastic!

Voodoo Trumptastic!

So, you may have noticed a new President over the pond… I like this video from ‘Sweden’ welcoming Mr Trump on his next visit – there’s loads of these out there now but this is the first one I saw…   Jake has created a special...
The Graveyard Shift

The Graveyard Shift

One of the many mucho cool people we’ve met via playing at festivals is the rather splendid James Millar. As a creative director it’s cool to meet someone who’s work has that spark about it. I love the way James does light and he’s got a great...
Magic Times

Magic Times

Magic at the Courtyard So over the last few months I’ve been hosting and producing a series of nice little magic shows at The Courtyard bar in Wickersley near Sheffield. The aim is to create a parlour magic type evening where the audience are up close and personal...
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Greetings everyone from NYC!

So if you didn't already know we are on the cover of issue 10 of UKE magazine, go get your copy today, weather you be in the UK, USA, or wherever you may be!

UKE Magazine Issue 10 is here! All subscription copies have just been collected from the mailing house. If you don't have yours yet, order one here - worldofukes.co.uk/uke-magazine-shop/ It's a really packed issue this, anyone who knows me knows I'm not one for blowing my own trumpet - but honestly, it's a good read! Dead Mans Uke are a great duo and their story, style and humour comes across in their interview. Backing them up are Mother Ukers, a much loved professional live act. And we interview (I say we... it's me innit!), the photographer of choice of many uke stars, James Millar. If that wasn't enough, there's also the story of Jonty from the The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (Official), from his days on the school stage 'til his days on the stage of the likes of the Sydney Opera House and Carnegie Hall. JHS & Co. Ltd. have kindly provided a Laka bass ukulele that you can win in this issue's competition. We also have regulars like the Ukulele Movement (which visits Prague, Poland and Styria) and CD reviews by the knowledgable Mike Flaherty, who looks at the work of Ruby & Smith, Opera-lele and Matt Stead. The operatic duo also talk about how to gain confidence when singing, while Christine Turner looks at ukulele advice, the good, the bad and the terrible! We also have a song to learn from Phil Doleman and a lyric writing exercise to get you putting pen to paper. Josh Jewsbury also provides a useful intro to getting started with the bass uke. Talking of which, we review basses from Magic Fluke Co. LLC, Solwayer Guitars and Kala Brand UK, as well as a Firefly banjolele. Oh, and Pete Howlett is back talking about the uke he'd make for himself. Finally, there's a roundup of the fabulous Austrian Ukulele Festival and a look ahead to the CZECH Ukulele Festival - which might just tempt to to start looking at those Easyjet flights...

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Wehey! The best way to start any festival is with Schoko-Bananens! A huge thank you guys for bringing these over for us! hope your enjoying your Schatzfinder-Tour!! #UFoS ...

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Here's a little snippet from our set in Vegas... ...

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