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Tim plays in a couple of bands and various sessions. Check out his music online.


From corporate videos to docs and even a very short horror film – Tim loves movies!


From straight jackets, to street shows, sideshows to corporate. Tim has performed far and wide.

Voodoo Trumptastic!

Voodoo Trumptastic!

So, you may have noticed a new President over the pond… I like this video from ‘Sweden’ welcoming Mr Trump on his next visit – there’s loads of these out there now but this is the first one I saw…   Jake has created a special...
The Graveyard Shift

The Graveyard Shift

One of the many mucho cool people we’ve met via playing at festivals is the rather splendid James Millar. As a creative director it’s cool to meet someone who’s work has that spark about it. I love the way James does light and he’s got a great...
Magic Times

Magic Times

Magic at the Courtyard So over the last few months I’ve been hosting and producing a series of nice little magic shows at The Courtyard bar in Wickersley near Sheffield. The aim is to create a parlour magic type evening where the audience are up close and personal...
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Sheffield friends we'll be back at the Dorothy Pax in November! Come on down... #dumching

C P LEE and Dead Man's Uke

C P LEE and Dead Man's Uke

November 17, 2017, 12:00pm - November 17, 2017, 3:00pm

After his knock out performance, with Bruce Barthol, at the Hallamshire House, The Honey Bees welcome back this eclectic and anarchic former front man of art-rock punkers 'Albertos Y Los Trios Paranoioas' cplee.co.uk/ tickets £6 - The Dorothy Pax, Honey Bee Blues Clubs gigs and www.wegottickets.com/event/414086

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All set up and ready for another night in Lyme Regis... who's going to be joining us for tonights show?! #DUMCHING ...

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Don't forget we have Lyme Regis again tomorrow and Taunton on friday so bring your friends and enjoy a great evening of music magic and mayhem! #dumching ...

So... it's happening again! The UKULELE VARIETY TOUR 2017! Come catch us on this wonderful week of exciting shows! #DUMCHING "BACK FOR 2017! Welcome to the return of music, magic and mayhem! Two top ukulele acts, some magic props and a heavy dose of craziness are about to hit the road again across the UK this summer... The show is a unique mix of magic, comedy, audience involvement and top tunes too!" Tickets are on sale now! Get yours by following the links below! timsmithies.eventbrite.co.uk/ www.ukulelevarietytour.com/

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