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I like coffee.

Very strong coffee.

I am sad to report this has been a mixed month for coffee… we sold our 2 Group Monster espresso machine from the Gallery to a good home (to a new cafe over the road, we can still visit) and our little bean to cup espresso machine that has served us well for over 5 years finally died…

Still, there’s always our favourite coffee shops around! – Including a new batch of Starbucks drive throughs that have opened, I even used the app to pre-order a coffee for pickup at Meadowhall today, the dude waiting patiently for his coffee wasn’t happy when I strolled in and jumped the queue LOL. At least I won’t have to speak like this…


All you need is beans, water and some milk. Maybe… and a lot of skill. Here’s a couple of my favourite coffee places nearby, Harland Cafe and Tamper.

IMG_0339        IMG_3227

I found this images online – this one is by Brian Bassett, but I don’t know the artist of the header image, it’s hilarious – let me know if you recognise their work.