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So, I love those 360 VR videos and images you see around on youtube etc, so got me a Ricoh Theta S camera and have been playing recently – hoping to use it for some great immersive videos etc whilst working in Vegas this May.

Here’s a test of the plugins used to display the still images via the website, the video can be uploaded to youtube and as long as the meta data is intact youtube sorts the 360 side of things out for you.

Here’s the test and the results…


This is a test of the panorama 360 plugin… This cost $18 but only seems to do left and right and not up and down.

This is code embed from the Theta Site… using a plug in to add the embed code into a post.

St. Patricks, the musicians get a little busking in on Fargate... #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Here’s CARDBOARD… a free wordpress plugin that also enables hosting of the image on my site rather than a 3rd party. It also has a very cool full screen mode. Have a play!


I like the cardboard one best so think that’ll be the one!

Here’s a couple more images I took today whilst out in town.

Tamper in 360

Love this place and this shot was taken using a pole and tripod too to get the extra height.


The Moor

Low level shot, although I freaked Anne out by leaving the camera in situ whilst I took it remotely. All worked out fine in the end LOL.

The camera seems to handle sun and other lighting situations well. Here’s to more exploring!