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One of the many mucho cool people we’ve met via playing at festivals is the rather splendid James Millar.

As a creative director it’s cool to meet someone who’s work has that spark about it. I love the way James does light and he’s got a great eye for catching the people as well as the image. He does a lot of photography of performers and so we asked him to do some photos for us so we could use them for new promotional stuff and our redesigned website.

James came up with the idea of shooting some pics in a graveyard – we loved the idea,  and handily live near a very grand Victorian graveyard perfect for the location! We were after the look of an old Universal monster  movie  and so the plan came together…

James used some battery powered soft boxes and key lights and we shot mid afternoon but with the lights the feel would be dark in the photos. The final piece of the puzzle was smoke… so with some ‘persuading’ James managed to get some ridiculously large smoke grenades from a local paintball shop (“they’re for art…”) and we headed off into the graveyard.

We had great fun, shot loads of images, jumped when a large hound appeared from the smoke and created the largest cloud of smog in a while which hung in the air for a loooooong time.

Here’s some of the shoot via a time lapse showing Ben running around distributing the smoke!

So, here’s what some of the finished shots look like along with a few more behind the scenes images. Click on them for a larger view of the photo.

So, you’ll see these images pop up on posters and other items, they are on our new website already at

Don’t forget to check out James website and see more of his work here…