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So, you may have noticed a new President over the pond… I like this video from ‘Sweden’ welcoming Mr Trump on his next visit – there’s loads of these out there now but this is the first one I saw…


Jake has created a special edition of his Doll of the Month in honour of the Donald…

The Voodoo Trump is a limited edition art doll by Sheffield based artist Jake Smithies. These dolls are Jake’s response to what is going on in the world and a way of sticking it to the ‘Man’!  Each doll is completely one of a kind and unique in its own way. Lift the ‘Hair’ and see whats hiding underneath, and go crazy with the pins!

“This is gonna be huge… Believe me!” 

Get Your Voodoo Trump today!

Each box will contain:

  • 1x Do/MC American Flag Sticker
  • 3x FREE PINS (red, white & blue)
  • 1x 6X4 Suggestion Sheet

So, Jake has created a cool art doll for you to while away your time, or what’s left of it before he remembers where he put the nuclear codes… or what the nuclear codes are…

Here’s John Oliver explaining it in a nice simple way…


You can find out more about it here at Jake’s Website: – click on the voodoo trump icon!