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Tim plays in a couple of bands and various sessions. Check out his music online.


From corporate videos to docs and even a very short horror film – Tim loves movies!


From straight jackets, to street shows, sideshows to corporate. Tim has performed far and wide.

Four Hundred Flying Monkeys…

Four Hundred Flying Monkeys…

So it’s that time of year when those nice Apple people tell us all about their new toys. I love watching Apple keynotes, not just the cool tech but no-one spins stories and features (how ever small…) better than Apple. So, whether you love the iPhone 7,...
You Spin Me Right Round…

You Spin Me Right Round…

So, I love those 360 VR videos and images you see around on youtube etc, so got me a Ricoh Theta S camera and have been playing recently – hoping to use it for some great immersive videos etc whilst working in Vegas this May. Here’s a test of the plugins...
Better Latte Than Never…

Better Latte Than Never…

I like coffee. Very strong coffee. I am sad to report this has been a mixed month for coffee… we sold our 2 Group Monster espresso machine from the Gallery to a good home (to a new cafe over the road, we can still visit) and our little bean to cup espresso...
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It's almost time for our Vegas debut... we're all ready and set up for our show tonight at 9pm at the Bailiwick In the The Orleans Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas ... this is gonna be good! #vivalasvegas #dumching ...

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So we're excited about the latest issue of Uke Magazine... head on over and get your copy ordered today! And if you bring your copy to a gig we'll give you some free stickers!#dumching #DMUxUKEMAG ...

UKE MAGAZINE ISSUE 10 The final word has been written and the artwork is being prepared for the printer. worldofukes.co.uk/uke-magazine-shop/uke-magazine-issue-10-june-2017 Pre-orders are now being taken for the June release, which includes the supercool duo, Dead Mans Uke, proudly professional live aces, Mother Ukers and The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (Official)'s exceptionally talented Jonty Bankes. Also featured are reviews of 5 different bass ukes from Magic Fluke Co. LLC, Kala Brand UK, Laka and Solwayer Guitars. There's a preview of the CZECH Ukulele Festival and review of the Austrian Ukulele Festival, and a song to learn from Phil Doleman. We also present an exercise in how to overcome writer's block and get some song lyrics written, investigate where to get good uke technique advice and meet photographer James Millar, who tells us which ukulele players were the most fun to shoot! (No wish lists, please!) There's plenty more packed in the 60-page printed issue too, both regular features and new content! If you've never tried the mag, why not give it a go. If you're already subscribed, please share this post and spread the word. (Oh go, on, pur-leeeasse!!)

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